Crossroads Film Festival 2019 Named A Whole Block After "White Guys Solve Sexism" / by Christopher Guerrero

“Jackson Free Press” wrote an amazing article about my film “White Guys Solve Sexism”.

I was so excited to screen here because they named the block after the film.

I was extremely proud to be part of a film festival that values what I value, and we won the “Programs Choice Award” just amazing!

Here is a little excerpt from from the article in the Jackson Free Press.

Though the film is short at less than seven minutes, it packs a comedic and thoughtful punch. Leah Lemarr, a standup comic and actress, plays Veronica, Mike's wife, in the film. She has the best lines and facial expressions as she tries to manage the meltdown of the two men, Mike (Max Baumgarten) and Clark (Kyle Helf) as they struggle to understand what has happened. At one point, she rolls her eyes and deadpans, "Of course 'Good Will Hunting' is sexist. They let Matt Damon do math before they let a woman."


Find the link to the article below, and always feel free to reach out to many about anything!

-Christopher Guerrero

From Jackson Free Press

From Jackson Free Press